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I've sold a number of these trains over the years. Every couple of weeks, I'll post the newest one for sale on my Facebook page. I'm invariably asked by hobbyists or parents who would like to build one with their own kids if I would make the plans available.  So, I spent a day and drew up a full set of plans for building these plans. 

The plans are four pages long and can be used one of two ways:

  • On a computer screen: The product is delivered to you via downloadable PDF file. In my opinion, this gives you the best options to zoom in and out while working on the trains. This is how I like to purchase plans when I have the chance. Transfer the file to your smart phone and keep the blue prints in your pocket all the time!
  • Print Them on your home printer: The plans can be printed out full size, spanning multiple pages, to give you an exact 1:1 ratio. This means the plans could be used as cut-outs and could be taped to the wood for ease of use.  They can also be printed at a normal 8.5" x 11" for quick reference during assembly.
  • At a commercial printer: If you wish, you can take these to any Kinko's, Staples, OfficeMax, or most any computer department store and have a full-sized set of plans printed out. I'd suggest this option if you plan to make more in the future. Having a full sized set of plans is always great for reference and jotting your own notes in the margins. This method also gives you a full sized 1:1 ratio to make it very easy to visualize your parts during assembly.

The pages of the plans are as follows:

Page 1: Building the locomotive.

I always like to get the hard part out of the way first. This page is dedicated solely to the locomotive and how to cut and assemble it. Every piece is drawn out and measured for maximum ease. 

The locomotive instructions include:

  • Top Down View - shows you where to drill the holes for the smokestack and the conductor, if you choose to use these features.
  • Rear View - details how to measure and drill the hole to connect to the next car.
  • All Side Pieces - includes dimensions for all the pieces that attach to the side of the locomotive.
  • Optimizing Your Material - shows you how to lay out your wood stock for cutting to minimize waste and allow you to build more cars with less wood!
  • Dimensions of all parts and accessories.
  • BONUS: Accessories List
    • The more of these I build, the more I want to make each one custom. I've found a really affordable web site for purchasing my accessories, such as custom wheels and smoke-stacks. These pieces are only a few cents each, so anyone can afford them! I've detailed all the part numbers for each of the custom parts, as well as the link for where to purchase them. You can find these parts at many sites across the web, but this site has always delivered my parts on-time and at the best price I've seen.

Page 2: Notes To Review

Once you've completed your locomotive, the remaining cars will be a breeze to cut and assemble. Page two covers the dimensions of your remaining three cars, as well as where to mark your axle holes and front and rear hookup holes for connecting other cars. If you want to cut custom wheels for your cars, rather than buying them, this is detailed here as well.

Page 3: Flat Car, Coal Car, and Log Car Details

These three cars are very similar and so I make them at the same time. This page of the plans includes the following:

  • Full Sized Side view, Front/Rear view, and Top-Down view of each car
  • Measurements for each car in full detail.
  • Measuring and cutting the dowel for your log car (or using optional shaker spindles)

Page 4: Materials and Tools List

There are two ways to build everything; the fun way, and the way the pro's would do it. This page contains an master wood-stock diagram, complete with markings for every cut necessary for your entire train (including the locomotive). It also contains two separate tool's lists; one for the pros who have a fully-stocked woodshop, and one for the hobbyist or scout troop master who might want to have the bare essentials. There's nothing I hate more than getting halfway through a project and realizing I don't have a necessary tool to complete the job. I've done my best on this page to make it possible for you to take the whole page straight to your hardware store and purchase all the wood and tools you'd need to do this project from start to finish.


Electronic Delivery Notes

This item is an electronic download, so there is no tax or shipping charge associated with purchasing these plans. Once your payment is completed, you will receive an email receipt. The receipt will contain the link to download your plans. All our plans are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF, to be compatible with all types of computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.  

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